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Office Design and Fitout

Why upgrade an office area? Theres no better feeling than going to work and knowing that everything is in its most efficient place, comfortable happy employee's make for better productivity. 

Create pause areas in each open office area for a quick coffee fix or bite to eat. People need fuel to be as productive as we would like them to be. And being open plan all eyes in judgement cause for quicker return to desk times. Creating more productivity.


Open office areas with modest privacy panels or sound absorbing boards help maintain a feeling of an open plan office but with a degree of privacy.


Shared IT stations help you maintian all your equipment easily and keep track of usage and maitenance costs. As well as saving on individual workstation printers; saving you monthly expenses; energy; security and quicker vendor ugrades. 

Why upgrade office equipment? A good business keeps itself up to date with technology; latest technolongy assists employees at being more efficient at their jobs. Increasing productivity; decreasing costs.


Lighting: Fluorescent lighting keeps your employee's from working at their full potential. Quality lighting increases productivity. Studies have shown a direct link between migraines and fluorescent lighting due flickering fluorescent tubes.