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Home Improvement

Residential Construction; Additions  and Alterations


House Additions: Should you move or improve? For some it's easy to just decide to move and not deal with dirty builders!

For most of us there is no choice, but due to lack of space we need to make House additions.

Remember that there are times that location alone may not allow the value of your house to increase.

However if you're in a good location, the cost of your House Addition may double the value on the addition alone.

Professional House Additions, can't be noticed unless pointed out.

Stick to the existing design of your house and don't change the external design too much.


House Alterations: Older houses were built with entirely too many aesthetic columns in our view and unnecessary walls that restrict easy flowing from one room to the next. Some roof structure supporting walls can be removed and replaced with steal or concrete beams above ceilings to open up your kitchen; dining or living rooms; creating bigger open spaces. "Open Plan"