Frequently Asked Construction Questions:

Do you provide per sqm building rates?

We only provide fully itemized quotations. Our quotations take a little longer than other's because our quotations are very descriptive. You will have exact measurements and the rate per sqm for items requiring this rate; there are no lump sum amount; no hidden costs. You get what you pay for.

Do you provide a Full Turn-key Service?

Yes we do provide this service. From project design to completion. We can manage all aspects of your project.

Contact us with your project details.

Do you provide free call outs for quotation purposes?

We will ask relevant questions before we come out to your site to discuss your requirements.

Generally, We do not charge for call out's if the site visit is within 15kms from the City of Cape Town.

If the site is further out of town we will discuss this with you beforehand.

Contact us to discuss further.

Do I require building plans before you can give a quotation?

If you are doing additions or renovations; We can provide quotations for you based on the requirements discussed on site.

If you are doing a new build we will need plans to be able to provide an accurate quotation.

We do not do any building work without local council approved architectural plans. Under no circumstances will we build without any approved plans.

it is the local authority that governs exactly what can be done in terms of its zoning regulations and the NBR. So it is they that give approval (or deny it) for all building work and renovations on ALL properties. Minor building work” is viewed differently and most municipalities will be more lenient when it comes to minor building work.

My building plans are old, can you update them?

If you have old building plans, they can be scanned into our system and digitized.

If you require additions made to those plans, we can arrange architects to do new drawings for you.

I only require Project Management Services, can you assist me with my project?

We do provide Project Management services for any build or project you have.

Contact us to arrange a meeting.

Do I need plans to remove internal walls of my house or apartment?

If in the case of a house that you own and are not renting. Yes you can remove internal walls. These walls however may not be structural. Meaning they cannot be walls offering asupport to other structures such as the roof or concrete slab above. This will have to be determined either by looking at existing plans or a site visit will need to be arranged.

What is the internal walls are structural and i still want them removed?

If in the case of a house the wall is a structural supporting wall. It may still be possible to be removed and an alternative made. This is a case by case determination and a site visit will need to be conducted.

Further; this change will have to be approved by a structural engineer; whom will develop a method statement as to how it should be done to minimize risk of structural failure.

Do I need council approved plans to remove an internal wall?

Structural Wall : Yes, you require council approved plans with architectural drawings indicating before and after renovations.

Internal Non Structural Wall in a House : No plans required but it is advised to either inspect that the walls is not a supporting wall before attempting to remove.

Internal Non Structural Wall in an Apartment: Yes, unfortunately you will need to seek advice from your building body corporate rules or guidelines. You may also require an engineer's report stating the wall to be removed is non supporting to any floor above or below your apartment.

I'm on the top floor with a roof above in an apartment building, can I remove non supporting walls?

Yes, but unfortunately again you will most probably need to seek advice from your building body corporate to discuss the building rules or regulations.

You may also require an engineer's report stating the wall to be removed is non supporting to any floor above or below your apartment.

I don't have any house plans; my local council also doe not have my house plans. Can you assist and how much will it cost to have house plans drawn up?

Yes, we can assist you with making up house plans as built for your house. Architect's generally charge per sqm for new house plans.

If you require the plans to be drawn up and approved by council; this will have to be costed for per project basis.

Costing varies from region to region and architect to architect and is also based on how many floors there; the sqm area.

Sewage lines; water supply lines and utilites are also required to be indicated for council approval.

We estimate architect fee's are between R150 - R650 per sqm for new plans.

If you have any plans in your possession and they are in a legible condition they may be able to scan the plans and update them digitally which will be much less of a cost to you than having no plans at all.

What could happen if I build without approved plans?

The lack of approved plans could lead a municipality to refuse to allow any further renovations a purchaser might have had planned. In the worst case scenario the municipality could order that the illegally erected structure or additions be demolished.

A (latent or patent) defect that is of a significant nature, and affects the use and enjoyment of the property, does allow the purchaser certain remedies. The most far-reaching of these is cancellation of the agreement, which he is entitled to do, if the purchaser can prove that the defect is so serious that he would not have bought the property had he known this. Other courses of action include the reduction in purchase price or a claim for damages, depending on the seriousness of the defect and the specific circumstances involved.

In many cases an offer to purchase a house will be dependent on the purchaser obtaining home-loan finance from a bank or other institution. And in most instances the financial institution will want to see approved plans before finance will be granted. If the plans lodged with council do not match the house as it stands (as built), then the sale could fall through and set the seller’s plans back for quite a length of time, together with additional costs to rectify the problem.

The local authority is also entitled to levy fines on any “illegal” building work that was done without approval.

The Definition of “minor building work” in Terms South African Law?

a) the erection of:

  1. poultry houses that are no more than ten square metres in size,

  2. aviaries that are no bigger than 20 square metres,

  3. solid fuel stores (for storing wood, coal, anthracite or similar) that are no more than ten square metres in area and no higher than two metres,

  4. tool sheds that are smaller than ten square metres,

  5. childrens’ playhouses that are no more than five square metres,

  6. cycle sheds no more than five square metres,

  7. greenhouses that are a maximum 15 square metres,

  8. open-sided car, caravan or boat shelters or carports that do not exceed 40 square metres in size,

  9. any freestanding wall built with masonry, concrete, steel, aluminum, or timber or any wire fence that does not exceed 1,8 m in height at any point above ground level and does not retain soil,

  10. any pergola,

  11. private swimming pool (although most local authorities do insist on plans),

  12. change room at a private swimming pool not exceeding 10 sq m in area.

b) the replacement of a roof (or part of a roof) with the same or similar materials,

c) the conversion of a door into a window, or a window into a door, without increasing the width of the opening,