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Shower Design Ideas

Choose the Perfect Shower Design for you.

The Great Shower Design is truly only sought after by true shower connoisseurs.

For many of we long for a hot bath when we get home from work and its always just what the doctor orders for many of us, but many of us don't enjoy the tedious task of filling a bath and preparing it as though we were prepping a roast turkey for the oven all marinated with our favorite ingredients before we finally get to soak and relax in the bath, paralleling to that, many feel that there is no internal thoughts of tasking that immense effort to relax and to simply hop into the shower for immediate relief.

If you are one who appreciates both a great bath on some days and a shower on other days we salute you!

Lets mention all the luxuries one might choose to include in their Great Shower Design.

Shower Design Pre-Planning Step by Step:

Inside Shower or Outside Shower imagine the following for the Greatest Shower Design Ideas:

  1. A large Shower area allowing easy, free movement.

  2. A bench to sit down and relax the standing muscles.

  3. Wall mounted massage jets work your tense muscles front and back simultaneously.

  4. A Hot steam and shower combination | Steam Room Generators with Internal or External control settings.

  5. Window Opening | Skylight| LED |

  6. Large overhead Shower Heads| Rainfall | Super jet | RGB LED illuminated water to suit or help change any mood.

  7. Frameless Shower Panels with Overhead Sliding mechanism, so you don't stub your toes on some pointless raised shower floor anymore | Walk in Shower with No doors | Glass Brick Walls | Open | Outdoor Latte Walling Fencing

  8. Auto-on Boosted Water Pressure to drive adjustable wall massage jets.

  9. Services to consider

  • Electrical points to Switch Gear | Lighting | Booster Pump | Heated Towel Rails | Underfloor heating | Sound System

  • Plumbing points for water supply and drainage points | Water Pressure Booster Pumps

  1. Tiling Floors and walls with large single slab tiling or stone slabs, removing any sight or feeling of grouting joints where you stand, sit or lean on| Zero Maintenance | Mosaic Feature Walls

What is your idea of the Perfect Shower Design?

Contact us too discuss your Shower Design Idea or send us ready made plans or pictures and request a quotation.

Shower Designs:

*All preliminary Shower Designs are free with every free Bathroom quotation. But are subject to copyright.

**3D High Definition Shower Designs are charged for on a case by case basis but are generally charged between R2,250 - R4,500 for 1 HD Shower design with 3 views based on 1st client meeting and design requirements, including 1 revision.

  • HD Shower plans will be paid 60% in advance to proceeding with design.

  • Succeeding full payment received, you will receive all digital copies and receive full rights to distribute those Shower designs and layouts for quotation purposes.

  • Any revisions thereafter will be charged at R650 per revision dependent on severity of required revision.