Office Interiors and Space Planning

Office Interior Design and Space Planning Ideas

Plan and Save on Office Interior Design with proper us of Space Planning Software.

  1. Each Office Interior Project, requires Interior Layout Pre-planning and Design Research for the best look and feel that compliments the companies brand and social environment.

  2. What kind of work environment does the business practice; or are there various departments that have different types of work environments. Would you want call center staff next to accounting staff, we don't think you will be getting the best results from that department as much as you could without improving your Office Space Planning. Pre-planning must not only involve best use of floor space, but taking into account the many avenues to follow before creating a successful work environment for all staff, to ensue maximum productivity.

  3. Pinterest is a free and fantastic source for inspiration on office space interior design ideas.

  4. Office Layouts are important to any business, they assist in maximizing proper usage of all available floor space, pre-planning for future business growth and expansion, providing quickest turn around times, low business downtime and minimum staff interruptions.

  5. Office Kitchen or Break room areas assist staff to stay closer to the office during work hours, thereby reducing longer lunch hours due to travel, thus increasing productivity.

  6. Office Restrooms made for staff and visitors, modern, well lit and with all possible amenities required, short of being back at their own homes. Restrooms must also be cleaned often, staff will appreciate that every part of there work day has been considered, making for happier and productive staff.

  7. Types of Office Space Planning Layout's:

  • Cubicle Office Layout.

An open office type layout where the workspaces are created using partition walls higher than the Open-plan Layout, partition walls are built on 3 sides to form a box or “cubicle, reducing excessive interactions between employees.

  • Low Partition Office Layout.

Low height partition walls around workspaces to allow for more light and interaction between workers.

  • Team-Based Office Layout:

A office layout where workers are grouped by teams, helping to reduce the need for meeting rooms.

  • Open-Plan Office Layout:

A type of office layout where all employees work on the same floor and in the same open space with single desks throughout.

  • Hybrid Office Layout.

Office space that has both “owned spaces” and “shared spaces.” While some employees who work in the office all day and others work from home and visit these offices when needed, allowing for more freedom over when and where work is completed.

  • Co-Working Office Layout.

A shared workspace offering suites of office-like amenities such as hot-desks, private meeting rooms, kitchens, coffee stations, Pause Areas, Cubicle Offices and many more.

  1. Lighting

Good lighting prevents eye fatigue and lethargy, allowing for maximum productivity

  1. HVAC | Central heating | Ventilation | Fresh Air Return | Air-conditioning | Extraction

Creating comfortable office environments for client's, visitors and staff

  1. Ergonomics | Seating that is comfortable prevents aggravated injurie's

  2. Break Room's | Canteens | Outside Seating Area's

  3. Flooring | Carpeting | Tiling | Laminate | PVC | Epoxy Flooring | Linoleum | Vinyl Flooring

  4. Painting | Wallpaper | Art | Company Branding | Graffiti | Artistic Features

  5. Meeting Rooms | Quick Meet | Board Rooms | Video Conferencing

  6. Pause Area's | Rest Area's | Prayer Room's | Smoking Area's | After Hour's Vending Machines |

  7. Reception Area's | Communications | Staff Ease of Access | Access Control

  8. Lobby Entrances | Video Presentations | Waiting Area's

  9. Office Interior Shop fitting | Memorabilia | Hall of Fame

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