Bathroom Design & Build

Why not have a luxury looking bathroom on a budget.

Or do it in useable stages.


What qualities define a Luxurious bathroom?


We beleve there are 7 qualities that increase the price on any house valuation.

  • The bath itself shows luxury; why not a stand alone bath; do away with the old built in bath tubs, that you have to demolish when theres a water leak.

  • The use of smokey mirrors or Glass to your shower enclosure is clean and clinical.

  • Open flowing bathrooms without pointless walls are good to remove.

  • Floating wall hung toilets; create a sense of better hygene and modernity.

  • Feature walls; who says you have to tile every wall? Tile the most important walls and make them into features.

  • Natural light is the best free luxury you have to bring a spotlight to your creation; take advantage of it. Skylights work wonders to a bathroom space, with only a small window.

  • Night lighting is just as important; you want to show off your bathroom at night just as you do in the day. Add LED strip lighting in strategic areas to light up this space; without the worry of high energy consumption.

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