Bill of Quantities

Bill of Quantities Service for all project sizes

What is a Bill of Quantities

A bill of quantities (BOQ) is a document prepared by a quantity surveyor or cost consultant defining the quantity and quality of works required to be carried out by a contractor to complete a project as specified by main stakeholders such as client; architect; Project Management or other lead stakeholders on a project.

The primary purpose of preparing a BOQ document is to enable all contractors tendering for a contract to price on exactly the same information in an itemized format. Subsequent to this, it is also widely used for construction planning; project cost analysis; and cost planning.

The unit price of each BOQ item, which is calculated by each of the bidding contractors. The unit price must consider all costs involved: materials, labor, equipment, overhead costs and the contractor's profit and any contingencies or unforeseen costs if applicable. The total price of each list item, calculated by multiplying the unit price by amount of work.

Vast Construction Projects submit BOQ services to all Project sizes; large or small in fully itemized, non-ambiguous, fully comprehensive quotations with as many revisions as is necessary. There are no hidden costs in our quotations. You will always receive top level tender documents and quotations from us. Guaranteed

We are able to provide Bill of Quantities for tender documents; Project Management standalone service or in combination with any single or all construction services we offer; Contract Management with all stakeholders or appointed contractors.

If required we will source companies that we know are able to produce the quality and quantity of work required on each project. Our hands-on knowledge of all on-site construction work and our pre-planning expertise will rival any agency in South Africa.

Contact Us to assist you with your bill of quantities for any size project or allow us to quote directly to you for all project requirements.