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Pre-Construction Planning

Project Management provides foresight and professional planning for every size project.

We meet; learn and provide this service to our clients.

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Project Re-Modelling

Through learning our clients needs and design requirements.

We design for both aesthetics and compliment.


Now that the project is underway; it needs to be managed and planned accordingly.



Vast Construction Projects.


Our team's have built a reputation for providing the highest quality work and innovative solutions on the widest range of projects under the shortest time constraints. We enjoy the business were in and we enjoy seeing the final product.


Vast Construction Projects provides full Turn-key solutions; meaning: from Consultation; Design; Construction up to completion; or anything in between.


We problem solve until we get the required result in any design change requirements to complete our projects on time. We strive for excellence and client satisfaction.


Our motto - “Your Project, Our solutions!” We believe in it, we’d like to prove to you that there are construction companies that deliver as promised. 

From past client services; to name a few:

  • Project Management

  • Residential renovations; alterations or additions - Kitchens, Bathrooms; Garages and Granny Flats

  • Corporate Office Kitchens/Pause Area's & Restroom's

  • Industrial warehouse into office conversions

  • Master Tiling - Residential; Commercial or Industrial

  • Steelworks - Lite to Medium Works directly and Heavier industrial steel work through our life long business partners.

  • Sub-contractor work done by reputable qualified companies that we have trusted our projects with for many years.

We provide a vast scope of project services with experience under all the services we offer. We will not take on any project if we are unable to deliver as promised.

We have been known to turn away some business from time to time, purely because we know we could not complete it as per client specifications.


We provide project management as part of our construction projects; involved from design and planning phases up to completion. 


Each site visit that Vast Construction Projects involved with; receive our best attention to help achieve the ultimate goal; your satisfaction.


Involvement means hands on rather than oversight. We provide solutions and alternatives to suit your budgetary needs where possible.

Projects managed by Vast Construction Projects, are all treated as though we were the final tenant.

“We Strive for Excellence!”


​Understanding customer needs,

Delivering solutions,

Creating Our business's most important asset,

You the client! 


Past Clients



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